Flexible Rapid Track


Smile More - Flexible Rapid Track

Flexible Rapid Track is all about freedom of motion, reaching greater heights, resetting complicated structures easily, and adding more options and fun to your builds. It sets up and resets very quickly. They are built to last, come with removable rapid track clips, and can be both locked and unlocked together.

Clicks with Bricks! use your building bricks to elevate your domino runs to new heights. Bricks enable building towering domino bridges, vertical spirals, ramping runs, and new amazing domino tricks and chain reactions like never before. 

Easy to use! Flexible Rapid Track changes the game, anyone can create exciting domino runs, set them up, knock them down, and quickly set them up again without the need for steady hands or masterful skill. Flex the track into a cool run and watch the dominoes topple flawlessly!

Works on carpet! Don't have hard surface floors, no problem. Works on nearly any surface for even more versatile play.

Includes : 

  • 96 - Flexible Rapid Track Units 
  • 96 - Rapid Track Clips
  • 100 - Mixed Dominoes ( Pro-Dominoes )
  • Works with all major Brick brands
  • Expandable Interlocking Design
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA


Building and designing with dominoes are great for STEM and STEAM -  Science, technology, engineering, Arts, and mathematics. Stacking dominoes also uses hand eye coordination and there is a great level of accomplishment and satisfaction when they all fall down.

Some assembly required. COLORS MAY VARY