Kreepie Krawlies

$14.99 $9.99

KREEPIE KRAWLIES combines the magic of augmented reality with the tactile engagement of physical interaction. This prank toy distracts "victims" with an augmented-reality bug demonstration, making a variety of creepy critters appear on the subject's hand through the lens of a smart phone. Meanwhile, the demonstrator secretly places a physical bug replica on the back of the subject's hand! When the augmented reality demo is over, the subject believes they've seen everything – until they turn their hand around to find a very real looking bug waiting for them! By combining augmented reality with a physical prank, Kreepie Crawlies makes a more meaningful impression on the subjects and encourages natural social marketing of the product. The "gotcha" moment typically results in boisterous surprise and excitement, making the product great for "reaction" videos, social gatherings, and playground settings.

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